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Community Reacts to Election Results

By Caroline Ryan
News Editor

On Wednesday, Nov. 9 professors and students joined together to express their feelings about the presidential election by holding a sit-in during common hour in Hillwood Commons.

Photo by Victoria Onorato Students gather in Hillwood the day after the election
Photo by Victoria Onorato
Students gather in Hillwood the day after the election

“The idea behind the sit in was to come together and find positivity and togetherness on a day that wasn’t so happy for most of us,” said Alexandra Mitchell, a senior musical theatre major. She didn’t want to call the event an anti-Trump campaign.

“It was a Pro-people sit-in where we wanted the students of Post to know that no matter who you are, what you identify as, and where you come from, you are important and your voice matters here.”

Taylor Bass, another senior musical theatre major, also partook in the sit-in. “It was a tough day. All of my classes were like funerals, both the students and teachers were in tears,” she recollected. “The majority of my peers are having their rights challenged by Trump’s presidency. It put my heart at ease to know that people were thinking the same thing as me and were just as scared as me.” Although the sit-in was peaceful, Public Safety and Dean of students Abagail Van Vlerah stopped by to make sure everything remained calm.

“I think the biggest part of this movement is that we do not emulate the behavior of our president-elect,” Bass explained.

“We will no longer tolerate those using his platform for violence. We will not be silenced by his presidency just because he isn’t fighting for us, we will fight for ourselves and for our rights as human beings in this country.”


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