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“Extra, Extra! Wait, Extra Courses?”

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

If this winter weather is going to be anything like the winters in previous years, best of luck; but, you should always look for the silver linings. So, while you battle Mother Nature with a shovel and salt in hand, why not take the fight to the textbook?

Post offers both spring and winter courses to graduate and undergraduate students. Courses are available for students of all majors, from the arts to education, to sciences and mathematics.

However, these courses are costly. For undergraduate students, regardless of what course you enroll in, it will cost $841 per credit. The same cannot be said for graduate students; courses start at $1,151 per credit. These fees do not cover books, or any other amenities. Also, a $100 dollar campus fee is added to the student’s final enrollment fee.

“Don’t let the prices deter you,” says former college professor Christina Bowser, who spent four years at Post as an English professor. “Yes, these courses are not cheap, but you’re essentially paying for an advantage. You’re paying for the course, but at the same time it gets you ahead of the curve, and if you play your cards right, you can graduate earlier because of courses like these.”

Ismael Nehhas, a junior pharmacy major, who attends LIU Brooklyn, agrees with Bowser’s notion on courses held during the break. “When I was at Post I had to take a ton of courses in science. I’m going to be honest it would get stressful, and since I needed to do well in all of my classes in order to get into pharmacy school, I would scale back my credit in take, and just take a course in the winter.”

However, not all students are of the same mindset as Nehhas and Bowser. Students like Emily Desmond, a freshman who is undecided about her major, refers to herself as ‘break traditionalist’, and is adamant about not taking courses during the break. “I’d like to think I work hard during the semester, and I vacation during the break, so I plan to keep it that way.”

Students who wish to enroll into a winter or spring course, can visit Kumble Hall and inquire about courses within, or students can visit LIU’s website at

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