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Grilled Chicken Remains A Concern At Winnick

By Kristina Huderski
Staff Writer

With the fall semester just a few weeks old, residents are already complaining about the Winnick dining hall. Not only are most of the options that they have to choose from unhealthy, according to students. But Winnick has also run out of what seems to be the most popular item on its menu within its first two days, grilled chicken.

Winnick has, in the past, had many options during the first weeks of school. Not this semester. Even though the dining hall does have a salad bar, students have said that it doesn’t offer any protein besides grilled chicken to go with the lettuce. And, the grilled chicken has not been available, said students.

Some students may find this grilled chicken “mishap” funny, but for others on the Post campus, it is truly traumatizing. Many residents on campus request grilled chicken. From athletes to your everyday student, they are trying to be healthy.

Taylor McNamara, a senior psychology major and resident on campus, went to Winnick last Wednesday to find no grilled chicken because they had run out. She then asked if there were any turkey burgers, but there were none. “Being that grilled chicken is the most high demand choice for dinner, having them run out before 6 p.m., the normal dinner time, doesn’t make any sense,” McNamara said. “If they know that grilled chicken is what everyone wants, why do they not order a higher supply?”

Samantha Negron, a senior broadcasting major and resident, said, “Personally I don’t like to always eat red meat and I don’t particularly like the entrees served at Winnick for dinner.” She added that Winnick is always serving burgers at the grill station, but grilled chicken always seem to run out at a certain point during the day.

“It sucks because I would much rather eat that than anything else in Winnick on any given day of the week,” Negron said. “It’s healthier than most options they serve. Plus their grilled chicken is some of the best food on the Winnick menu and it’s just annoying that they don’t always have it even when they say it’s on the menu.”

With no other healthy options available at the Winnick salad bar besides lettuce, some students resort to cereal. Others say they begin to gain weight. A third group spends money on food outside of campus, which arguably defeats the purpose of a meal plan, and it does concern some parents.

Natalie Mashaal, a public speaking professor who has a daughter attending The University of Michigan, said that she would be upset if her daughter didn’t have healthy food choices, “I’m upset for her because she now has limited food options that are high in calories or not good for her, which now causes her to go out and buy food with the money I am giving her.”

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