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LIU Post Lacrosse Defeated

By Jada Butler, Chris Klimaszewski & Nick Mattina

News Editor & Contributing Writers

The LIU Post women’s lacrosse team faced a crushing defeat by East Stroudsburg University on Saturday, April 28 at Bethpage Stadium. It was Senior Day for the Pioneers, and the last game of their regular season. This game placed them 12-5 for the season, and 8-0 for the East Coast Conference (ECC).

Photo by Jada Butler

“We want to make sure our seniors go out with a bang,” Alyssa Boll, freshman defender for the Pioneers, said in an interview before the game. Olivia Kirk, goalkeeper, is the only senior on the team, and poses as a role model for the rest of the team. “She [Kirk] makes me feel like I need to put everything out there because of the passion and love she has for the game, and every game it grows,” Boll said.

Though Post put up a good fight, Stroudsburg had them beat. Stroudsburg gave Post the runaround in the first period, starting off the game with 4-0 lead. Post didn’t place on the scoreboard until 18:42 minutes into the period. One goal each by sophomore midfielders Brianna Feldman and Alyssa Mallory helped to close the gap. The first half ended 6-2, Stroudsburg.

Going into the second half, Stroudsburg took the lead once again, with multiple players racking up points. Stroudsburg sophomore goalkeeper, Tatyana Petteway, saved six of Post’s attempted goals. Stroudsburg kept possession for most of the second half, ending the game at 17-7.

Stroudsburg women’s lacrosse head coach Xeni Barakos-Yoder, said Petteway played amazingly. “She is stepping up to play really well postseason,” Barakos-Yoder said. Last year, Petteway was named All-American Player as a freshman.

“We really stepped up and played well against a very great team, a nationally ranked team, and we are excited to continue the way we are playing for the rest of the postseason,” Barakos-Yoder said after the game. Stroudsburg are 13-2 for their regular season and 11-1 in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC).

This loss for Post comes after a 14-10 loss against ECC rival Lindenwood University on Wednesday, April 25.

“[Lindenwood] is the number one team in the country, we were able to learn from them and move forward, and actually prove that we are a top ten team,” LIU Post women’s head coach Meghan McNamara, said.

The Pioneers ended their regular season at Saturday’s game, but will continue in the ECC. “[We have to stay] composed and poised, your mentality is really focused on the tangibles that you can control. [You have to] be ready for anything and being sharp,” McNamara said.

The Pioneers play again on Thursday, May 3 at the Bethpage Credit Union Stadium, where they will host the semi-finals for the ECC.


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