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Multicultural Sorority Revival

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Staff Writer

Zeta Phi Beta sorority, a historically black Greek organization founded at Howard University in 1920, began the process of reactivating on LIU Post campus, hoping to become an active chapter this year. The sorority, which was on campus for 35 years, but closed its Post chapter in 2015 due to lack of membership, would be the only current multicultural Greek organization on campus, if revived. Zeta Phi Beta originally colonized at Post in 1980, and hosted Valentine’s Day fundraisers and sisterhood events, while also participating in recruitment to expand its membership.

Joseph Vernace, associate director of campus life, says that the interest to reopen the club was sparked by new students becoming aware of the club’s past presence on campus. “There are now a number of students that wish to reactivate the chapter,” Vernace said.

Bria Taylor, a junior broadcasting major, was the ifrst student to express her interest in bringing back the chapter to Post. “When I first transferred here, Zeta Phi Beta was on campus,” Taylor said. “I wanted to bring back the Zeta Phi Beta chapter because Greek life on campus is lacking for African American students.”

Taylor goes on to say that despite being a historically black sorority, Zeta Phi Beta prides itself on being multicultural. “Everyone is accepted, as long as you meet the other requirements for membership,” she said.

There are currently over 800 active chapters of Zeta Phi Beta around the world, spreading the sorority’s central principles of “scholarship, service, sisterhood, and finer womanhood.” In order to reactivate on campus, anywhere from five to 10 students must show interest in joining.

There is no information on the current status of this revival process, nor any information on how that process works.

If interested in Zeta Phi Beta or reopening another fraternity or sorority in the cultural Greek community, visit the Multicultural Greek Interest Form at

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