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Pleasure Readings at the New Lending Library

By Jenny Edengard
Assistant Opinions Editor

On Nov. 9, the Writing Center in Humanities Hall, room 202 added a new feature – a lending library. The lending library is a bookshelf filled with different genres varying from mysteries, romance, poetry, memoir, non-fiction, and fiction, to name a few. It is set up to allow students to borrow books of their liking for free, to read in their leisure time. The initiative to create a lending library was made by Mary Pigliacelli, the Director of the Writing Center.

The Writing Center located on the second floor of Humanities Hall. Photo: Kristen Linsalata
The Writing Center located on the second floor of Humanities Hall.
Photo: Kristen Linsalata

Pigliacelli explained, “Because there is a strong connection between liking to read and being a strong writer, we wanted to provide students with easy access to books that they feel excited to get back to reading. Our selection of books aren’t books that are assigned in classes…our collection are pleasure readings to read over a break or such.”

The Writing Center’s rules for borrowing a book are simple. Students pick a book to take home without having to register what they borrowed, and then they return it when they are finished reading. There is no limit to how many books, or a time limit for how long a student can borrow a book.

Kristen Roedel, an English graduate student, has already used the lending library in its first weeks of operation. She said, “I’m currently reading “Dad Is Fat” by Jim Gaffigan. I am more likely to pick that up and read it, than to sit around and procrastinate on my homework. I think that in reading something that is enjoyable, you are allowing yourself to regenerate those brain cells and be refreshed. It’s a nice escape from reality. If you are reading something enjoyable, you are more likely to go and be on task later.”

Kaycee Grancher, an English graduate student, agreed. “Reading pleasure books such as the ones in the writing center takes off the stress of reading. For me to actively engage in a relatable story is relaxing.”

So far only a few students have borrowed books from the new feature. Pigliacelli is positive that once students are informed about the lending library they will borrow books, as they plan to put up posters around campus. Compared to the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, the writing center has no time limit on their books, to further accommodate students to not feel any stress regarding finishing up a book before a due date.

Pigliacelli explained that all of the current books have been donations, “We accept donations….If anyone has read a book they like and is done with it, and wants to pass it along, we can put it to good use at our lending library. However, our biggest donor is Madeline Vazques, who works at the Learning Support Center. She has donated countless books. Also, Brian Skulnik, one of our staff members who works for a publisher, has brought in books that are newly published books.”

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