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Return of Haven, Online Course on Sexual Assault

By Julian Wilson
Opinions Editor

As of Sept. 17, Post has once again teamed up with EverFi and is expecting students to partake in the Haven and AlcoholEdu online course, in an attempt to better their understanding of sexual assault and ways to prevent it.

The first part of the course was due Oct. 5, and the second part of the course is due Nov. 18.

During the last academic year, the Haven course wasn’t “expected,” but “required” of Post students to fully complete. The online course has a passing exam score of 75, which will result in whether students passed or failed the course.

Nick Morgasen, a senior Broadcasting major, believes that “people don’t care about the test.” He said that it could be effective, but the way it’s almost enforced upon students “it makes people, like myself, feel stupid, and that we don’t know anything.”

But Richard Renelique, a senior Broadcasting major, disagrees. “The course is very informative and has facts essential for a college student.” Renelique said. “There’s no guarantee students are savvy about these issues and if they aren’t, how will they conduct themselves when the situation arises? Knowledge is power.”

On the effectiveness of the course, Renelique contrasts Morgasen’s thinking, stating, “it is decently effective. It is one thing to show information, but the program doesn’t take into account the full range of learners. Some learn with text, others with audio, and some with acting it out. It hits one type of student but not all.”

“I personally enjoy the Haven course and I think its goal is admirable and should be followed by more schools,” Renelique said. “Students need to know certain subjects that classrooms just don’t teach.”

Meanwhile, Morgasen states his singular-statement opinion on the overall, functionality of the course. “If you force people to do things, it can very well cause problems, and make the situation hurt the person, instead of serving them well,” Morgasen said.

The Haven course for the current semester concludes on Nov. 18. That said, what do you, the student, think about the Haven course, and online courses in general? Should they be expected of students to take? Was it better when it was required? Or are they unnecessary?

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