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Students Distraught Over Food Quality

By Alex Espinosa

Staff Writer

An Instagram post depicting mold in the chicken at Subway in Hillwood Commons has students concerned about the safety of the food they consume on campus.

The original photo of the chicken at Subway

Deborah Agopian, a junior music education major, submitted a photo to the Instagram account “everything_broken_at_post,” showing the buffalo chicken container at Subway possibly contaminated by grey mold. “Nobody else noticed it. It was late at night,” Agiopan said.

Simone Harper-Register, the Northeast District Manager of Aramark, LIU Post’s food provider, denied that any food had mold. “We completed a full investigation and determined that there was no mold present,” Harper- Register said. “There was frost on the container due to the refrigeration unit.”

Agopian said that she also got food poisoning from Twisted Taco, another on- campus food spot that in Hillwood Commons next to Subway.

“[The quality of the food] makes me angry,” Agopian said, “because I pay so much money to be here and I’m paying for this food and you’d expect good quality food when you come here. This is not acceptable by any standards.”

Matt Goldstein, a senior criminal justice major, noticed the quality of the chicken in the photograph of the chicken on instagram. He said his chicken also looked very pink. “I was sickened to my stomach,” Goldstein said. “I don’t want to eat [at school] anymore.”

The Pioneer reported on student concerns of sanitation at the Winnick dining hall in the Nov. 28, 2017 article, “Cleanliness of Winnick Dining Hall.” The Pioneer also reported about student complaints of food quality at dining hall in the Feb. 21, 2018 article, “Students Complain about Undercooked Food.”

Campus catering isn’t a home-cooked meal, and students are demanding better.

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