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Students Spring Break Destinations

By Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

Summer, summer, summer, summer, wait, rewind, it’s still winter. It’s official, spring break is here, with just two days of classes left. All-inclusive hotel and flight prices are skyrocketing as we speak. Middle and high school students are not included in the college spring break ritual, but still look forward to it starting from their early days of middle school. Each year, college students across the country get together and go on trips with their friends to places like Miami, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic. Let’s see where Post students are going this year.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Miami for the lavish lifestyle, the nightlife and the endless parties, and fortunately, I will be going there with my best friends this spring break.” Allison Wayne, a junior biology major, mentioned. All-inclusive tickets to Miami are starting at $499 on major vacation ticketing sites. Miami offers the first-time goer the nightlife that will bring them back next year, with bars that serve cocktails and margaritas that start at $2 and last all night long, streets that are filled with parties to the point where one doesn’t have to pay to get into a club because they can party outside, and even hotels that are right on the boardwalk of the nearest beach.

Not everyone wants to escape to a mini- summer vacation in Miami for spring break. Some students are going to the mountains to ski, sled and enjoy the cold and snowy weather while it lasts. “I feel as though Miami and all those other popular places are played-out, and everyone’s always going there, so in an effort to be different I’ve organized a trip between my siblings and my friends to head up to the Poconos for spring break,” Thomas Severe, a freshman English major, said. “I can have fun within New York, but there’s so much out there that I don’t even know exists, so explain to me why I should limit myself to the five boroughs of New York.”

Camelback Resort, located in the Poconos Mountains, has started its spring break packages at $1300 for six days and five nights for a family of four, but tickets must have been bought before March 3rd to get the special.

With such a short amount of time to go on vacation, some students stay at home and make money. Danielle Akamba, a junior English major commented, “I honestly don’t believe the hype behind spring break; it’s just another American excuse to go and waste money.”

Due to the fact that most students don’t have Friday classes, spring break starts this Thursday for many students who will be off to classes again on March 20th.

Syracuse, here I come.


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