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The Pioneers Return: News Analysis

By Luis Viloria & Andrew Servedio 
Staff Writers

This year at LIU Post students scurried into the dorm buildings to unload their things and set up their rooms. Students from every hall had arrived at LIU Post on September 5th to start moving in all of their belongings. Everything they needed from bedsheets to televisions, they unloaded all of it in their rooms for the remainder of the year. In every dorm, people were able to get help from other students called “Movers and shakers.” These students were all around campus with luggage and boxes hurrying up stairs and down hallways in order to help the other students move in free of charge.

Photo by Luis Viloria – Students putting their belongings into bins on move in day.

It was easy to tell who was new and who was returning by how students unpacked their cars and by how they said goodbye to their parents.

My first interview was with the mother of Brianna, a freshman with an undecided major, who moved in Friday, Sept 1. “Brianna is my oldest child so this is the first time I’m experiencing this,” she said. “Dropping her off was harder than I thought, but I have faith that she’ll be ok and that she’s mature enough to handle living on her own.” She added that she is glad Brianna is only an hour drive away from her home in Southampton, so in case of an emergency, she can be on campus quickly. Marisa Vessenmeyer, a junior at LIU Post, living in Post hall, had gotten to the school around 11am so that she could be early to the party in moving in her things. “I was so excited to move in. I got my parents out of bed to help and we rushed here so I could move in early.” Her roommate shortly arrived after, Charlotte Fetonti, another junior who was eager to move in as well. “I love summer but coming back to school after a long break is always gets me motivated.” They both met freshman year and were roommates since the beginning. They set up their room pretty quickly and decided to help other people bring stuff into their dorm building.

Michael Licata, a junior on the LIU Post Lacrosse team, was a part of the “Movers and Shakers.” He had helped many people move in to Post Hall that day. He enjoyed it because it was a good way of meeting new people and he had already moved all of his stuff in on express move-in day a few days prior. “It’s always a fun time on campus when everyone comes back. This year, you could already tell there was a lot more people living in the halls and it never felt more alive.” Mr. Licata was very happy to be helping students move in, something he has volunteered for since freshman year.

Returning sophomore broadcasting major, Griffin Ward, found returning to be easier than moving in last year as a freshman. “Moving back in was easier than moving in freshman year. It was less stressful and I even missed being here. Coming in this time with friends and my brothers from my fraternity makes it all seem more like home, whereas last year I felt like a fish out of water,” he said.

Julia Sumakis, a sophomore nursing major, also moved in on Sept. 5. Sumakis commuted during her freshman year, making this is her first time residing on campus. The biggest change so far, she said, was not having her mom to go home to. She and her mom are best friends. Because her sister is also away at college this year, Sumakis feels like they are “leaving their mom behind.” Having a roommate is also a change for her. “I’m honestly freaked out about having a roommate because I don’t know her that well. I haven’t shared a room with anyone since I was about nine and I really appreciated having a room to myself. I also feel like it will be a good chance to bond with someone new though, and share memories with. I think overall it’ll be fun,” she said.

As all the students had moved in, the day finally came to an end. Students were ready for beds that they had just made and were ready to start classes in the morning. It was a quiet time on campus that night as everyone had been eager to finally start school so they slept soundly in their dorms until the morning.


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