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The Spring Semester Resolution

By Joseph Iemma
Features Editor

Break is over, school is back in session, and 2016 is finally over. For better or for worse 2016 was certainly one of the more pivotal and perhaps tumultuous years in recent American history. With that said, there are two things the LIU Post community can take solace in. One, there hopefully be no more nasty, negative, and divisive presidential campaigns for at least two and half more years. Two, and most importantly, it’s time to usher and embrace a new calendar year, as well as a new year academically.

Academically speaking, 2017 offers a sense of refuge, a renewal of some sorts for both students and professors. For some students, 2017’s Spring Semester will be the semester they ‘right the ship,’ says Lauren Falco, a Junior Education major. “Although I finished with an above average GPA, and rarely missed class, I’m going to view this semester as a reset.” By her standards, Falco, by her standards, blames a sub-par fall semester on the flu. Knocking her out of seven school days, Falco says the sickness “knocked me off the school rocker.” So what is Falco’s Spring Semester resolution? According to Falco, ‘Stay healthy, stay focused, and maintain above a 3.5 GPA.”

Lauren Falco isn’t alone when it comes to writing the wrongs of the previous semester. Lauren Kane, a Senior Business major, plans to apply for her masters in business after she graduates this May. However, “I won’t get into the masters program I want if I take days off,” said Kane, as she pondered on what was a lack luster Fall Semester. “My grades were fine, I even felt like test scores were better than ever. What dragged me down was tardiness, but that is correctable.” Post Students and Professors alike are all too aware of the traffic concerns rear their head all too often, especially when it comes the Long Island Expressway and Northern Boulevard.

“Traffic shows no bias,” says Dean Eretzian, an undeclared major who hails from Queens. “My first week, it seemed like every morning there had to be an accident of some proportion.” Luckily for the young Freshman, Eretzian was never involved in an accident during the fall semester and has zero plans of being involved in one any time soon. According to Eretzian, the biggest adjustment he had to make when coming to post was adjusting to the commute. “If I had to, I could have walked to my High School [Saint Francis Prep] if I was running late. There’s a big difference when it comes to a five minute drive, to a 15 mile adventure on the Long Island Expressway.”

In terms of the Spring Semester, it seems that Post students need to hold themselves accountable when it comes to the alarm clock. Perhaps students should give themselves at least 15-20 minutes of buffer time when it comes to their morning commute during the Spring Semester. In closing, Lauren Falco probably said it best before our man on the street interview concluded. “No stress if you’re not late and studied for your test. If you’re not prepared, then prepare to fail.”

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