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Top 5 Delivery-Friendly Eateries

By Erica Ferrara
Staff Writer

Home-cooked meals and the diner around the corner are some of the things students who dorm often find themselves missing. For students, it can be a constant struggle of whether or not to use those dining dollars at Hillwood, or go to the dining hall three or more times a day.

Cravings can also pose an issue for students living on campus, and for those midnight munchies, most college students want instant gratification, which many local take-out restaurants are more than happy to provide.

Whether you are a weather-worn senior, a newly instated freshie or anything in between, a wide variety of quality food is what all residents long for. And most importantly, students want reputable and relatively cheap food that is conveniently delivered right to campus. After a broad survey across campus about what students here really enjoy, I was able to put together a list of five places with the “highest quality” of reviews from our peers.

Sun Ho, a Chinese restaurant that delivers right to campus for, (wait for it…) FIVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS, was definitely number one in what students first thought of when asked what their favorite takeout place was. There is no fine print involved; it actually costs $5. This deal is a college-friendly discount that they offer students here, and in the surrounding area.

“I love the shrimp lo mein and the affordable prices makes it really convenient,” said Crystal Ellington, a junior biology major. Another strong advocate for Sun Ho is Joe Piscitelli, a sophomore criminal justice major. The sesame seed chicken is my favorite thing to order,” he said.

Another take-out place that broke the charts was Domino’s. They have a multitude of options for anyone looking for something quick and easy at 1 a.m., or whenever you personally desire.

“I find ordering from Domino’s super convenient and helpful during a day where I need to focus on studying,” said Tianna D’Italia, a freshman business major. Brittany Alexander, a senior social work major, agrees.

“It’s the easiest pizza place around and seriously, who doesn’t love their parmesan bites?” she said. Domino’s does offer student discounts through student coupon websites, such as Coupon Follow and Save the Student.

Similarly, Abeetza offers a wide range of artisan pizzas and hand rolls with other traditional Italian fare for take-out. “I love the white pizza and chicken parm hero and even though it is a little expensive, the quality stands for itself,” said Sydney Robinson, a sophomore musical theater major. Though Abeetza only offers student discount on eat-in or take-out, Abeetza is an interesting choice when you are craving a little taste of home.

Wing Zone is another popular place in the area that delivers to campus. It has a variety of different wings with a plethora of sauces to choose from, as well as other typical fast food items like chicken fingers, fries, and burgers. “I highly recommend the boneless buffalo wings, which are typically very popular,” said Joe DeStefano, a freshman business major. Justin Hansen, a sophomore criminal justice major, weighs in. “I really like the mild to hot wings which has a really great flavor to them.” Wing Zone does offer student discounts when you sign up for an account, but there are also additional coupons available through alternative sites similar to Domino’s.

BoBo’s Kitchen is another take out place offering Chinese food. It offers a lot more options than Sun Ho does and mimics the Chinese take-out that most students are accustomed to from home. BoBo’s offers a variety
of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetarian dishes. “I highly recommend the pork lo mein and this is seriously one of my favorite places to get food from,” said Samantha Mullins, a sophomore business administration major.

Although, these are not the only options around campus, they definitely rak top five amongst surveyed students. Send in the name of your favorite take-out or delivery crib to

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